This product at OS was an exciting product to work on being a regular user of digital mapping apps. I had the opportunity to lead the product design for main mapping applications at OS. This product was using a 3D data of visualised maps. The idea is you can plot certain elements on a map i.e create new custom paths/routes, warning areas, building sites, tourist areas or flood alerts. Some of the main users that would benefit are from the public sector i.e: HM Coastguards, Metropolitan Police. There is also a need for this type of digital mapping for users ( could be used for outdoor activities such as hiking routes & biking paths) also individual B2B businesses.

Below you can see some screens from the web platform. Showcasing the layers panel ( where you organise the on mapping elements ), the right hand panel which allows to make edits to on mapping elements. The tool bar to add elements to the map and the heading which allows searching locations. All the product UI design was based Googles Material design principles i.e grids, fonts, sizes, material icons but most custom to relate to mapping. Scroll down to see further designs

Below you can see how the desktop version above is converged into tablet and mobile screens. Showcases how many visual alterations are made across platforms. Did alot of research before on current mapping & alternative product trends across devices so that the app is as user friendly as possible and not too different to web.

Below I have shown some screens that show a visual representation of how to plot certain on mapping elements on to the visualised map. For example this is showing a circle used as a warning area for floods in the area. You can customise the naming and edit further info in the right hand panel

Below is the same screen as the desktop above but converged to tablet and mobile. I have showcased a couple of mobile screens to show the different stages involved and how you can edit from a pop up element on the map via mobile.

Play the video below to get an idea about the product. This is mainly showcasing how the mapping product can be used to plot custom hiking/biking paths on a mountain. This idea really excited me about the product as being a passionate about the outdoors hiking and biking, I became a regular user of this product while working on it and still currently am. Also after viewing the video if you would like more info on how this was built click here